New technology that can enhance any beverage!

To the World of Wellness and Drinks We bring a new level of Botanical Science developing beverage platforms with enhanced aromas, bold flavors and functional therapeutic effects.

Calibrated Therapeutics has created a new beverage technology platform that can enhance any beverage to nearly any profile that meets a consumer’s demand. If you want an energy drink that’s healthy, we can make one. If you want something that eases stress and anxiety while it delivers clarity and a bright mind, we’ll build it.

With origins and an approach focused solely on naturally sourced, clinically studied ingredients, we can bio-engineer products that deliver benefits to every moment. Our team has taken an innovative approach to sourcing, processing and performance thanks to our patent-pending terpene blends and therapeutically dosed formulations.  

We see ourselves as the bridge to better living, with products that service the wellness needs of our customers to do more, perform at their best and enhance their personal experiences moment to moment.
Whether you’re a beverage company executive or a just someone who wants a better drink experience, you need to know us and try the Calibrated Experience.

Every Moment Can Be Your Best

We aim to partner with companies that share our vision, and thus put our mutual objectives in motion to innovate and drive game changing products into the hands of consumers globally. 
We are a prolific founding team and advisors alike, with a remarkable track record of success in consumer product goods, biopharma leadership, sales marketing, product design, clinical research and actively practicing board certified physicians.

Our collective talents have supported key business initiatives for leading medical devices, biotech startups, pharmaceutical and lifestyle products

About the Calibrated Team